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the tide's turning.

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It’s June 2, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

It's 89 degrees. Hundreds of people have amassed in masks in Congo Square. I'm one of the many. We're here to reinforce a fact none of us should have to. We're here to protest the ruling powers that be who seem to need a reminder as to who we be.

My life matters whether you believe it or not.

We're a living example that Black Lives Matter and the fact that we're still breathing while black is a protest of life in itself. 

The Purpose

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This piece was created to extend a moment in time beyond the moment itself. A collage comprised of 8 photos, I wanted to give life to a space of thought where people can reflect on the actions necessary to not only spark change, but enact it. It took for people to potentially sacrifice their own personal, and family, health and safety by taking to the streets and showing in full force what they stand for. My hope is that this piece can give you a glimpse into the mind of a protestor. I hope when you look at this piece you feel apart of what’s going on within it and if not, I hope it urges you to question what your role within our collective struggle is.

Only 25 34"x 24" and 35 20"x 14" canvases are available to purchase and each will be numbered. 


Every piece is made to order.

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